About me

My name is Diana Koenraadt and I offer support for people who are searching for answers for themselves. My background is in technology: I was trained as a software engineer and have my own company with my partner. In software, every variable needs to be accounted for. Software won’t work if an important condition, however small, isn’t met. And when software that used to work well, suddenly does not function anymore, this often turns out not to have just one reason, but two or three. And really solving the problem isn’t possible until you’ve found all those reasons.

It’s the same with people. It’s not without reason that we have the sayings “All good things come in threes” and “When it rains, it pours”. When something in your life isn’t going well, this often doesn’t have one cause, but multiple. And you can’t begin to solve before you know what came together at the same time. That is why I have begun to consider the question: Why? Originally I asked this question many many times for myself, until I started finding answers. Now, I help others answer this crucial question. I do not approach you from a position as a counselor, coach or therapist, because I have noticed from my own experience how much well-intentioned help can still steer you down the wrong path. I eventually benefited from the right help, but it took a long time because I couldn’t get that help until I had discovered, after a lot of reading and some coincidence, what was causing my struggles. My goal is to shorten this search for others. My approach is therefore to first make a map of where you come from, what you’ve seen on the way and how you got to where you are now.